Ant Control

Small Ant Control

Sometimes just a cheap spray picked up at the grocery store is all you need to remove these small pesky ants from your house. But you would probably not be reading this article if this had worked for you.

How to use Maxforce Ant Bait to control ants invading your home and business.

For ant control, follow these guidelines:

  • Bait Inside – The use of ant bait inside cupboards, closets, window sills, attics, crawl spaces and any other foraging places is necessary to control nests inside your home. Maxforce Granular Ant Bait is the best bait for this purpose. The worker ants distribute it throughout the colony. Control takes 7-14 days. Maxforce granular bait is a very finely ground bait almost the size of pepper. It is very safe towards nontarget organisms such as pets and birds but works on all species of small ants including the pharaoh, sugar, grease and fire ant. One container covers 1/3 of an acre so for best results distribute this bait throughout the house, attic, crawlspace and outside along the foundation. Maxforce also comes in Maxforce Ant Bait Stationsfor really neat people. We also sell Gourmet Ant Bait Jel for the few times that the ants refuse to eat a protein bait such as the Maxforce.
  • Bait Outside – If you just bait inside then you are inviting all the ants in the neighborhood to enter your house and have a snack. This is a losing battle. Bait outside around the foundation and on the window sills. Maxforce Granular works well for an outside ant bait. One 10 oz. container covers 1/3 of an acre, so use the entire container for best results.Maxforce also works on the problem of getting rid of sugar ants.

Spray Outside – One week after the outside baiting use a good residual spray like Demon WP to spray outside on all the entry points into the house such as windows, doors, fireplaces, plumbing, etc. This prevents the ants from re-establishing their scent trails and re-colonizing your house. This spray will also prevent roaches, spiders and crickets from entering your home. Repeat this perimeter spray once a month. Failure to repeat this step will allow ants to re-enter your home, many times in as little as 4-6 weeks!!!

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