Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process – A chemical-free way to kill bed bugs

Thermal Remediation® is the most thorough and comprehensive method of eradicating bed bugs – proving lethal at all stages of the bed bug’s life cycle. This revolutionary, eco-friendly process to treat beg bug infestations with heat is the most cost-effective and least disruptive treatment option, saving your mattress, your furniture, your time and your money.

Most bed bug chemical treatments are extremely tedious and typically require multiple visits. Studies have shown that bed bugs may be growing increasingly insecticide resistant, due to excessive use. (There are fewer treatment alternatives as regulatory restrictions have diminished many of the chemical options.)

Bed Bug Revenge: They come crawling to their deaths

Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and heat sources.

Rather than trying to escape, they are attracted to the heat and emerge from hiding to come out to the heat source. The heating happens quickly so that the bugs have no time to escape, and the temperature is controlled and maintained until every last bed bug is dead. We use industrial electric heaters and convection fans to heat the infected spaces.

The key to an effective heat treatment is the correct balance of temperature, timing, humidity levels, and monitoring.  A typical treatment may take about 6 to 8 hours to complete.

Protocols Ensure Success

  • Pre-planning of the site that takes into account building layout and its contents.
  • Preparation in advance of treatments to ensure content protection and effective heat treatment.
  • State-of-the art, technologically-advanced heating equipment and fan system.

Complete heat monitoring system to ensure the right balance of heat is attained and maintained – utilizing sensors and attaining computer printouts.

“Bed bugs – Prepare to Die!”

Before we heat your residence we provide you with a checklist of items to be removed beforehand and we do an inspection before the heating begins.

Pets and aerosol cans, for example, should be removed from the residence before a treatment. Your electronics, the contents of your refrigerator and your furniture may all safely remain in the house.

The preparation instructions will provide you with a list of items that can and cannot remain in the treatment area. Our goal is to eliminate the bed bug and its eggs. The goal is more likely to be reached if preparation instructions are followed as specified.

We use electric heaters, so there are no open flames. The process uses no chemicals, so there are no fumes or residue to worry about afterward.

Bed Bug Post Treatment

Typically, you can return to the treated area on the same day.

You will receive complete post-treatment instructions prior to the start of service.

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