Manhatan Pest Problem

Manhattan Island, a borough of New York City, often called New York, NY, is ground zero for pest control issues in NYC and all of the United States, because pound for pound Manhattan has the highest concentration of people anywhere in the region. The biggest challenge for Manhattan, New York City is its pest problem on all fronts. Manhattan has a serious problem with large rats, small mice, roaches, ants, flies and most especially bed bugs. The biggest challenge for pest control operators in Manhattan, New York, NY is bed bugs, which if you asked people 20 years ago, many people thought bed bugs were a myth from the nursery rhyme, “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”.

Manhattan New York City is also the global epicenter of the resurging bed bug epidemic that has been growing exponentially since the 1990’s. Pest Control companies in all of New York City, not just Manhattan have been reporting a significant growth in the number of calls for bed bug incidents and infestations year after year.

Compared to Manhattan going south to Staten Island seems to have been least affected with bed bugs in New York City, but still it is experiencing a growth in the number of bed bug outbreaks reported by the NYC department of health and mental hygiene. The other four NYC boroughs out of five total, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx are dealing with a bed bug pandemic of biblical proportions. Proper pest control in Manhattan considers all of the local issues faced by New Yorkers dealing with pest control issues in Manhattan, NY. For instance Manhattan, NY, has the highest concentration of skyscrapers in North America and thus pest control in Manhattan, nyc, has its own specific issues. How do you contain bed bugs in skyscrapers, when bed bugs can easily travel from apartment to apartment through the walls or by simply crawling underneath the doors. How can proper pest control in Manhattan, be administered if after treating an apartment, it is later re-infested because the neighbors didn’t get treated or treated properly? This is the concern of most people living in Manhattan, New York City and it is the reason why all adjacent apartments must be treated when there is a bed bug outbreak. The problem is there is so much fear of stigma, that most people who are infested with pest control issues like bed bugs, refuse to tell others about their need for extermination, including their landlords or superintendents, and so often sometimes people simply call to have the problem treated, but low and behold the problem is much deeper than just the single unit, home or townhouse in Manhattan.

The Bed Bug epidemic in New York City and Manhattan more specifically was thought to have been knocked out in the 1940’s and 1950’s with the use of DDT a powerful chemical that not only killed roaches, but as a byproduct also killed bed bugs. The problem with DDT is that it is very harmful to humans and can enable medical problems in adults because of the genetic damage it is thought to cause and as a result is possibly linked to birth defects for the same reason stated. DDT was banned in the 1970’s as a result of the link with various health problems associated with it. Especially in Manhattan where real estate is tight and there is not a lot of room you can see how this might be an issue. The banning of this substance is thought to be one of the reasons bed bugs have made such a big come back especially in Manhattan, NYC.

What has happened with the banning of DDT, is that weaker chemicals used for treating bed bugs have caused bed bugs to go through hyper-evolution. What invariably happens in Manhattan is that weaker chemicals kill a large majority of the bed bugs, and any survivors will likely scatter to more hospitable living spaces. These survivors will reproduce and make bed bug nymphs and instars that are more resistance to chemicals. What likely happens is that the chemicals could cause some genetic mutations, and these mutations will lead to strong bed bugs, even super bed bugs. Naturally all species and organisms have genetic variation, just walk down the streets of Manhattan, New York City; the differences you see in people’s faces are genetic variations. Well just like people, bed bugs have their own genetic variation; the variation is nature’s way of ensuring evolution and adaption in an ever changing environment. Well just as bed bugs have natural genetic variation, chemicals will possibly exacerbate those genetic variations and thus not killing all the bed bugs during extermination, leads to the survivors creating more resistant strains genetically speaking of bed bugs. This is mostly the result of people trying to solve bed bug problems themselves. People can not afford proper bed bug treatment in Manhattan or they try to solve their Manhattan Bed Bug problem by going to the local store and buying over the counter treatment protocols that ultimately do not work and cause the problem to get worse.

If Manhattan and all of New York City for that matter wanted to help contain the bed bug epidemic in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island – Metro New York City, they would ban over the counter bed bug chemicals and treatment. The worst thing any person can do if they have a bed bug infestation in Manhattan, NYC, is try to solve the problem themselves. Only Pest Control experts in New York City should be hired to solve bed bug problems. What often happens is you get landlords that don’t want to pay the money for a proper bed bug treatment in Manhattan, so they hire their cousin Vinnie from Brooklyn who thinks that because he watched some YouTube videos on bed bug extermination he knows what he is doing. Only professional and licensed exterminator operators in Manhattan should be called to treat pest control issues like bed bugs. Bed Bug extermination in Manhattan is a serious issues that only specialist Pest Control Exterminators in NYC should handle.

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