Rodent control


Baits come in pellet and block form. For mice we recommend Maki Pellets and for rats we recommend the Contrac Blocks. These are both strong anticoagulant products that make the rodents die from internal bleeding. Vitamin K is the antidote for accidental poisonings of pets but extreme care should be taken to keep these products away from non-target animals. The use of Mice Tamper Proof Bait Stations  or Rat Tamper Proof Bait Stations are highly recommended.  These stations will let the rodents feed but keep the child or dog out.

Never use a bait inside your house if you have a child less than three years of age or a dog. If you use a bait outside, make sure your dog cannot get to it. If he does, Vitamin K is the antidote. See your vet!

The Rat Zapper


We are all familiar with snap traps. These work, at least until the rodents learn how to avoid them. NEW: We now carry a more safe and effective snap trap called the T-Rex.  For mice we recommend Mouse Glue Boards. These are cheap, safe and easy to use. Glueboards are also available for rats, but rats are large animals and very often pull off these and get away. A better solution for rats is to use a Chipmunk Trap. This size of live animal trap will catch squirrels, rats and chipmunks. The big advantages of live traps are that the animals do not get trap shy, the trap will last for years and can be used for several different types of rodents. If you release the rodents unharmed, remember to take them at least 5 miles from home so they will not return.

There are also two types of live traps available for mice. These are the Tin Cat and the Mouse Master. Both catch multiples of mice unharmed.

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