Quick, Painless and No New Bugs!

I would like to let you know how grateful and thankful that you could assist me with removal of the bed bugs we had here in London. Your customer service, knowledge, respect and helpfulness are top notch. I’d also like to point out just how good your service is at removal, quick, painless and no new bugs…. Basically.. Your a life saver. Thank you again.


Thank goodness for your proffesionals!

“In the spring when it was confirmed that an apartment had bed bugs, the corporation scheduled an entire complex inspection. Several apartments were found to have the problem.

Initially treatment was chemical spraying which required at least two treatments three weeks apart, laundry, bagging of clothes, vacuuming (vacumming, vacuuming, vacuuming) etc. Chemical treatment killed many bugs but sent some to neighbouring apartments. Furthermore, some seniors were not able to prepare properly nor were they able to keep up with or hire someone to do the cleaning. Even after several treatments some apartments reported recurrance.

The corporation now uses thermal remediation treatment.. Although significantly more costly than chemical treatment it is my opinion extreme heat treatment is more effective. Residents are now reporting their suspicions or problems more readily since preparation and clean-up for thermal remediation requires ninety percent less work… and, to date only one treatment per apartment has been required.

After treatment of an apartment with a severe infestation problem and understanding the problem had created difficulties filling vacancies, the Board hired a law firm to create a bed bug policy.


Our 1-year ordeal is over!

Thank you very much for resolving our bed bug problem. We had battled the pests for 6 months using a professional pest spraying company. After 13 treatments and many hours of labour to prepare for the spraying we still had a major infestation. Your speedy and courteous service will is very appreciated. Our 1 year ordeal is over (it took us 6 months to realize our problem was bed bugs and not pet fleas). Again, thank you for returning my family to a care free and pest free existence!


Thank you!

Just want to thank you and Andrew and the other gentleman for the great job they did on my house yesterday. I do hope they got home safely (they pulled away at 4:45, so they made good time doing my house). I am extremely grateful for what they did. If any one ever confides in me that they have the same problem, I will definitely recommend your services.

With warmest thanks,

Carol – Sarnia

Professional and Timely

Thanks for the professional and timely work you did for me. I would certainly recommend your company to prospective customers.

Best wishes.


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