Toronto Bed Bugs Battles

Bed Bug Hotspots

If you have a look at the map of Toronto, you’ll notice several extremely red areas. Each red dot represents at least one bed bug report; some represent several reports. Reports are not restricted to hotels and motels – reports have been filed against apartment buildings too. Some buildings report not only bed bug infestations, but infestations of cockroaches as well. Based on what most of the reports say, infestations are treated as cheaply as possible and as infrequently as possible. Some complain that they got no response from their landlord or superintendent at all. It is very likely that the managers and owners of these buildings are completely aware of the problem, but don’t bother telling you before you move in. And why would they? They need your money.

So what should you do?

Before moving, do a little research. Check the Bed Bug Registry for your particular building. If there’s nothing there, ask current tenants about possible problems within the building. It could save you a whole lot of hassle later.

Toronto Bed Bug Havens

Although bed bugs are found in buildings sporadically throughout the mega-city, there are some definite pockets. Two in particular really stood out on the map. Here are their boundaries:

Pocket # 1

The west boundary for the first bed bug pocket is Dundas St S. The north boundary is Queen St W (not really surprising, is it?). The boundary to the east is Dufferin Ave. The south boundary of the pocket one is the Gardiner Expressway. In this four-block radius there are 54 reported cases of bed bugs. Think twice before staying in or moving to this area.

Pocket # 2

The boundaries for Toronto’s second major bed bug pocket are as follows. The west-east boundaries lie between Spadina Ave and Parliament St. The north-south boundaries are Bloor St W and Lakeshore Blvd E. There are over 100 reported cases in this region – some have many, many reports from the same location. Again, think twice before staying in or moving to this area.

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